3 years in APHASIA

Believe it or not our beloved debut album turned 3 years old and we have an immense gratitude for all of you out there who support us and push us forward!
Aphasia opened a lot of doors for us allowing us to play amongst legendary bands and gave us the opportunity to tour Europe and UK and who knows what moreā€¦
Thank you @electricvalleyrecords and @daredevil_records for supporting us since the start, thank you @soaresartwork for your insanely good art, thank you @wreckitsound_studios and @1000mods for their guidance and professionalism and last but not least thank all of you guys who keep spinning and spreading the lovešŸ–¤
Our second album is current in the works but more details will be revealed in the near futureā€¦
Peace and Love you fuzzy animals!
See you around x

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